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NSR GmbH is a multi-national company focused on import-export trades and services and guiding Chinese manufacturers of high-quality products to venture into the European market. We were established in Munich, Germany in 2013.

We cover supply chain management, brand marketing, international bulk import and export trading, cross-border e-commerce retailing, international logistics warehousing and brand incubation.The team brings outstanding professionals from China, Germany, the United States, France, the Netherlands, Italy and other countries together, covering various fields such as law, taxation, cross-border e-commerce, logistics and warehousing, and international trade.

We currently have operational centers in Munich and Viersen, Germany and in Beijing, Hangzhou and Wuhan, China.

Supply Chain Management Services

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We are committed to assisting our clients to improve on their supply chain,
reducing operating costs, improving liquidity, and gaining a competitive advantage.

NSR provides a complete door-to-door solution for logistics, warehousing, customs clearance, and everything else involved from China to Europe. There are designated warehouses in Shenzhen, Chengdu, Yiwu, Wuhan and other locations in China where we provide pickup service; NSR has developed a close relationship with the mainstream international logistics companies to transport items by sea, land, air and rail from China to Europe. At the same time, we have private warehouses in many European countries such as Germany, Hungary, Poland and the Netherlands to store and deliver parcels and pallets across Europe.

NSR helps clients optimize cost structure and improve liquidity. On top of helping clients select the most efficient mode of transportation, paying attention to fluctuation in exchange rates, handling customs clearance and optimizing payment processes, we also start the process from the product; providing professional guidance and suggestions in regards to packaging regulations, EU market access permits, transportation, warehousing, laws and regulations and more.

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Brand Marketing Services

We help Chinese manufacturers of high-quality products establish their brands in Europe.

NSR is here to help Chinese manufacturers research and analyze the demands of the European market, design products based on those needs. This includes regulating the qualification for the products to enter the European market. Our team is made up of professionals from related industries in Europe with years of experience in their respective fields. The professional and meticulous legal team can guarantee the businesses in Europe are legally developed by taking charge of financial regulations, patent protection, company law, tax law, and more. The professional design team consists of key opinion leaders in the German design industry and lecturers of both the Deutsche meisterschule für mode Designschule München and the Central Academy of Fine Arts (Peking). They are here to ensure that all product designs meet the aesthetics standards preferred by the European market!

NSR helps Chinese clients build a complete European sales network. When it comes to online channels, we first provide sales and operation services on mainstream e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Otto, real, eBay, and vertical e-commerce websites in Europe. Secondly, we build and operate independent brand websites for clients to launch their brand culture and showcase their unique selling points. In addition to that, we provide advertising services such as social media management, promotions by celebrities, and televised home shopping to promote the brand through multiple channels and increase product exposure and awareness. In terms of offline channels, we provide customized and independent product displays in an independent and permanent exhibition hall. We have also established a partnership with well-known offline supermarkets and chain stores in Germany, in which the sales team will continuously explore for more sales channels. The combination of online and offline channels will give us an upper hand so that we can take good advantage of the European warehousing and channel resources, steering Chinese manufacturers of high-quality brands in the right direction! 

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